GuidesAPI reference

To help you get started interacting with the Pipeline Catalyst RESTful API, we've included some of our most popular endpoints in this API reference, covering the creation of runs through to the reading of results.

But this is just a curated group of endpoints, and more advanced users should check out our OpenAPI Swagger documentation to find the entire range of user-facing endpoints and to discover how to engage fully with Pipeline Cloud.


Any questions? Join us on Discord

If you have any questions about these endpoints, or how to use them within your workflow, then please join us on Discord to chat with a team member within minutes! Alternatively you can send an email to [email protected] and one of us will get back to you within 24 hours.

Note: in some cases, these endpoints might be harder to use through this web UI than through your environment of choice. If you wish, the best way to use the code examples is by copying them into your environment and testing them from there.


We have a Python SDK

If you're developing in Python, it's probably easier and faster for you to use our Python SDK pipeline-ai, which provides a wealth of convenient functions and wrappers to help ML devs start deploying their models in production faster. The 'Guides' section of this docs website goes into detail about how the library works and shows you how to build pipelines before running them.